Texas State Railroad

Rebirth of Texas & Pacific #316

November 3, 2012

One of the most exciting aspects of Iowa Pacific taking over the Texas State Railroad is Earl Knoob's plan to repaint and re-letter all of the locomotives to one of their original owners. The first to be completed was TSR #201, now Texas & Pacific #316.


Michele and I met Everett Lueck and Brian Jansky well before dawn and carpooled up to Palestine for the event. This turned out to be a lot of fun! Much better than driving solo. Because we're all Colorado narrow gauge guys (and gal), I made us some green chili, egg and bacon breakfast burritos for the drive. Dense fog and a busted windshield wiper threatened a late arrival, but Everett's 85 MPH highball got us there in time.


Part I: Extra 316 East


Part II: Extra 316 West


T&P 316 simmers peacefully in the calm morning air in Palestine, Texas

MP 25.5

The first run-by was at the west end of the Palestine Wye, a location not previously useable due to track conditions. Because the line is planning to run freight, the 4 miles to the UP interchange in Palestine proper are being restored to service and many new photo locations will be available in the months and years to come.

Eastbound at Dean Wright

MP 23.5

Shots from the back

The Piney Woods of East Texas


Crossing the Neches River - MP 14


Neches Run #2

I've never seen marker lights used on the TSR. This is a most-welcomed!

GM Earl Knoob & T&P 316

When the trains aren't running why not grab some

shots of the local flora? Michele took nearly all of

these photos and I shot the video.

Teamwork at it's best!

Eastbound at Java - MP 9.0

Maydelle Depot

Attempt at Art

Earl doing what he does


Semaphore in Rusk

Earl and Everett




The man. The Myth. The Legend.


Here is a scene I never thought I'd see: a train (apparently) arriving from the town of Rusk on the old mainline east to the TNO interchange, the State Penitentiary (that built the railroad) and Rusk proper. The rails are still in place all the way, but are impassable past the highway crossing just behind the train.

My thanks to Earl for indulging us and trying new ideas.

At Maydelle we met 300 East on their return trip to Rusk.

Engineer Scott and

an unknown Fireman

Extra 316 West at Maydelle

TSR 129 and the

 "Pepto Bismol" car

Westbound at Gibson Road - MP 20.63

Fall came late to East Texas

Westbound at Dean Wright - 23.5




Earl and Everett


Earl and Fireman Robert

Earl and his charge

Don't they look

just a little proud?

The face of the T&P lives on

Rusk, TX Native

Backing along the west leg

of the Palestine Wye


... and Goliath

After a pretty cool show,

David won

A parting shot


Earl is a true class-act. I believe a fantastic new chapter of the TSR has just opened under his leadership. With the "Disneyland" paint schemes being retired and the prospects of freight running once again, the future looks very bright indeed.