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Volunteer Work Trip to Long Leaf, Louisiana

January 23, 2016


My buddy Everett Lueck asked me to take on the rather daunting project of installing security cameras in Long Leaf. Because of the acreage involved, this would mean designing and constructing a wireless network of significant size. It took some doing to find a cost-effective way to build it, but I eventually worked it out. We installed the first round of hardware in the fall of 2015 and to my relief, everything worked.


For this trip I was tasked with increasing the size of the network to include the new CCC Museum. It went well.


Southbound UP train on the Lake Charles Sub shatters the quiet, peaceful morning in Long Leaf


The Planer Mill


Engine House


Antenna mounted on conduit on side of Lumber Storage Shed



The antenna reaches about a quarter mile to another one mounted on the Office


One of the many cameras we installed


The CCC Museum


Planer Mill



Antenna mounted on the CCC Museum


Everett works on running the cable for the antenna while I installed and configured the network gear


All done


Looks pretty good


Weather proofing



Looking south over the RR&G main line (left) and the UP line (right) to Lake Charles (Lake Charles Subdivison)


UP line (left) and RR&G (right)



Henry Hardtner Carriage House


We also took the time to build a new network cabinet (IDF).

This is the BEFORE shot.


Here is the AFTER shot.

Quite a bit of improvement there!


"The Hotel" in the Finished Lumber Shed




Kitchen in the Hotel



View of the finished lumber from the balcony of the Hotel.

This is the final lumber produced by the mill in the 1960's.


Looking the opposite direction


One of the rooms. Cozy and functional.





More cameras



The Mill


Remnants of the blow pipe used to deliver saw dust (fuel) to stationary boilers around town.



Car-Knockers Shed


Planer Mill




View of the DVR and network gear at the MDF


Sunset over Lake Charles as I raced home