Explorations of Historic Railroads in Colorado, New Mexico, Louisiana, and Texas


I consider myself a rookie railfan and a rookie railroad historian. I'm certainly NOT a professional photographer or videographer. This website is mostly intended for my use and that of my friends and family. It is open to the public as a way to keep in touch and share info with fellow railfans. 


I grew up in Houston, TX about 300 yards from a Burlington Northern / Rock Island line (now BNSF). Trains were a part of everyday life and I spent as much time as I could trackside. My father spent much of his childhood in the Colorado mountains hiking and camping. Combining his love of the mountains and my love for railroads was inevitable and soon enough I was introduced to Colorado narrow gauge through books and pictures. However, it wasn't until I was 30 that I finally made it to Durango and Chama. That first trip set in motion a fundamental change in how I spend my free time!


My wife and I live in Spring, TX about a half mile from Spring Junction. These lines were built by the International & Great Northern Railroad and eventually came under Missouri Pacific control. Today, of course, UP's amour yellow dominates the rail scene in Spring.


The northern line out of Spring (UP's Palestine Subdivision) runs about 30 yards from my back fence. Needless to say, I have a very understanding wife!


I believe that my wife and I have been very blessed to have the ability to visit the places we have and see the things we've seen. This website is our way of giving back and showing thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for that gift.


Enjoy and "Vaya con Dios!"


To contact me:

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*The audio recordings that play when you open this page are DRGW 5371 in the Price River Canyon and C&S #9 on the Devils Gate High Bridge