The Texas State Railroad

On November 8th, 2009 the Texas State Railroad ran a "Fall Photographers Special." After years of missed opportunity's my schedule and the TSRR schedule finally meshed. I somehow managed to take two trips to Chama, one to Alamosa, one to Durango, and one to the EBT in Pennsylvania in 2009. By October I had accomplished more personal railroad objectives than I had dreamed possible for one year. I was thrilled to have the chance to add in one more trip to close out 2009. In every other way 2009 was a disaster of a year for me. But, in my little railroad world it was unsurpassed.


I got my father hooked on this hobby on a trip to Chama in 2008 and he came down from Dallas to join me for this trip too. My buddy Everett and I drove up to Rusk together and there met another friend, Jim, from Deadwood, Texas. So, it was big ol' party of railfans.


In Rusk I got a chance to meet Lori (the PR lady) with whom I'd traded many emails. She's young and energetic, not what I was expecting. Despite the problems the railroad has had in recent years I think the marketing department is in good hands with Lori. The future looks very bright and I'm looking forward to many more trips up there.

Early morning in Rusk, TX - #300 heads out to the depot

Engineer's side

Firebox Door

Looking west towards Palestine

Rusk Yard

TSRR #201 in Rusk Yard




Rusk Inspection Pit

Tool Room in Rusk Engine House


TSRR #400 in Rusk, TX

Cab of #400. I saw a small kitten run into the firebox when I entered the cab. I got down and tried to find it, but as you can see it looks empty. Never did see it again...




Maydelle Turntable



Love this shot





#300 backing to the train, passing the Maydelle Depot

Maydelle Turntable Pit

Maydelle Depot

Polar Express "Set" inside

the Jarvis Wye

Palestine, TX


Palestine, TX


View from the Engineer's side

 of T&P #610 (2-10-4)

*Note the reflection in the window.

I'm wearing a denim C&T shirt.

Palestine Inspection Pit

"The Little Engine That Could"


Texas & Pacific #610


#300 backing through the Palestine Wye

<-- TSRR #300 & T&P #610 -->


<-- TSRR #300

T&P #610 -->

Crossing the Neches River


Crossing the Neches River


The river was well out its banks to due to recent heavy floods in north Texas

My father, Chris

Oakland Crossing - Run #1

Oakland Crossing - Run #2

Oakland Crossing - Run #2

Back in Rusk Yard



Abandoned TSR line into the

 city of Rusk. I believe there was an interchange with the Cotton Belt (SSW), an

SP subsidiary.