The Waco, Beaumont, Trinity, & Sabine Railway

The "Wobbly, Bobbly, Turnover, & Stop"

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I have long been fascinated by abandoned railroads and the traces they leave behind, and have an almost uncanny knack for noticing old grades when no one else does. However, the Wobbly eluded me for nearly a quarter of a century. When I started doing research on this old line I was absolutely astonished to learn that  I had crossed over the ROW hundreds of times on the way to my grandmother's house on Lake Livingston and several dozen times while visiting family in Groveton and Trinity. Not once had I ever noticed it. In addition, when I went to summer camp in the fifth grade we rode horses along what I suspected was once a railroad, but being so young it never occurred to me to ask questions or do any research. As it turns out, I was correct and had been riding along the old Wobbly grade between Trinity and what is now Lake Livingston. So, with all of these "connections" to my past, this page is rather personal and long overdue.


Jason Rose