RGX 2012 - Trip Report

June 14 - June 23

Here is the Trip Report from the first trip in 2012. The major objectives were GooseFest at the CRM, Friends Work Session C, and riding the Cinco Animas on the D&S.


Please let me know if you find mistakes - RioGrandeDude  @ SmittysHouse.net

Day 1

Drive Day

Spring to Golden

Day 2

Central City - Georgetown Loop

Idaho Springs - Colorado RR Museum

Day 3

GooseFest at the Colorado RR Museum

Day 4

GooseFest Morning Photo Shoot

Kenosha Pass - Jefferson - Como - Alamosa - Antonito

Day 5

Friends Work Session C

Day 6

Friends Work Session C

Day 7

Friends Work Session C

Day 8

Friends Work Session C

Day 9

Friends Work Session C

Drive to Durango

Day 10

Silverton Branch on the Cinco Animas

Day 11

Drive Day

Durango to Spring