Rio Grande Explorations

Giddings to Brenham


Burton, Texas

November 15, 2017


Following up on a Trip Report from August 18th, here are photos from the Burton Depot. I had to make another trip to Giddings and stopped by Burton on the way home


This is a remarkably well-preserved Southern Pacific Depot and is set in a picturesque east-Texas town. With the overcast skies and total lack of people and vehicles on this day, it felt a bit like time was standing still. If the rails had been in place, the illusion would've been complete.


The Depot was closed, unfortunately. So, I wandered the site for a few minutes and got some photos.


Google Map


Information from

Application filed for authority to abandon a line of railroad extending from MP 20.86 near Brenham in a westerly direction to the end of the line at MP 55.78 near Giddings, a distance of 34.92 miles in Washington, Fayette and Lee Counties, Tex. (This line includes the stations of Brenham, Mill Creek, Burton, Carmine and Ledbetter).
Length: 34.92 miles


Instantly one of my favorite photos.





















Cistern for the water tank?


Looking southeast along the ROW towards Brenham


Not sure what this was, but it almost certainly had a siding once upon a  time. It is immediately north of the Depot.


Looking southwest on Highway 390 from the grade crossing northeast of the Depot


Looking northeast on Highway 390 from the grade crossing northeast of the Depot


Neat looking (former) Cotton Gin located just northwest of the Depot